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Williamson Trophy Calling Notice dated 26 Jul 17.
ARU Corps Festival of Rugby dated 07 Jul 17.


This CN is to remind and inform RLC 1st XV players and the CoC of the pre-season tournaments.  The 2017 Williamson Trophy (WT 17) tournament will be held at Chippenham RFC on Wed 6 Sep 17.  It is open to all RLC units with composite RLC teams from Headquarters or organisations also encouraged to enter (e.g. HQ Army or DE&S).  This competition will also facilitate Corps Player selection. The tournament AI was disseminated to all units at Ref A.

Players selected to play for the Corps Teams  will be requested to attend a 2 day rugby training camp 11-12 Sep and then represent RLC at the Inter Corps Festival of Rugby on 13 Sep 17.  This is likely to include any player who has represented the Corps Teams in the past two seasons and any new talent identified at the Williamson tournament.  The ARU Corps Festival of Rugby AI was disseminated to all units at Ref B.
Williamson Trophy: 06 Sep 17.  The Williamson Trophy will be a 15-a-side tournament held at Chippenham Rugby Club.  The top two teams will compete in the final for the Williamson Trophy, with the other tier teams competing for the Chris Cox Memorial Plate.  Outline timings for the day are:

a. Team captains’ brief 0930hrs.

b. First game to kick off at 0945hrs.

c. Lunch 1200hrs - 1300hrs.

d. The tournament will conclude at approximately 1630hrs, with prize giving immediately thereafter.

RLC RUFC Training Camp: 11-12 Sep 17.  Prior to the ARU Corps Rugby Festival the RLC RUFC will conduct a rugby training camp at Buckley Bks, Hullavington.  All selected Corps and Saxons players will be expected to attend, following clearance from the CoC.  More information to follow.

ARU Inter Corps Festival of Rugby: 13 Sep 17.  This tournament consists of both 15-a-side and 10-a-side fixtures held at the playing fields and Army Rugby Stadium in Aldershot. 

The Williamson tournament will act as the pre-season Corps Player selection, and units are encouraged to release as many players as possible.  The RLC RUFC 1st XV and Saxon XV Team Management will select and identify new talent as well as known players.  Not all regiments will have a formed rugby team, therefore those players will be invited to join other teams on the day, providing an opportunity to play and show their skills.  

It is essential that as many 1st XV players as possible are made available for both the Williamson Trophy and if selected, the ARU Corps Festival of Rugby .  In order to ensure that the management and coaches can prepare adequately, the following procedure is to be followed.

a. Rugby Officers responsible for the soldiers/officers at Annex A are requested to ensure calling notices are forwarded to the players and CoC and assess availability.  Players MUST communicate with their Rugby Officers and immediate line managers to seek clearance to attend training and fixtures. Rugby Officers are to assist with securing the release of players.

b. If players experience difficulties in being released for this representative fixture, Rugby Officers should make every effort to resolve issues at unit level. If problems securing availability still exist, they should contact the undersigned in the first instance.  All players released to play rugby, must be published on Part One Orders.

It is imperative that Rugby Officers personally involve themselves in this process to ensure that all players within the Saxons squad are given every opportunity to play.


Transport. The use of the Representative Sports Travel Vote is authorised via unit UINs, quoting Local Project Code (LPC) ZZP 1E1403 and Resource Account Code (RAC) PDA002. This will ensure correct attribution of costs.  Contract bookings (flights/hire cars) are to be booked using Army Sports Control Board (ASCB) UIN: A4029A.  Maximum and efficient use is to be made of transport; players/staff travelling from the same unit are to share.  Minibuses and vans should be utilised for large pax travelling from the same unit, this will make travelling to training and fixtures easier.  Note: When booking vehicles, personnel are reminded to submit transport requests early and attach a copy of this CN.

Discipline.  As representatives of Corps rugby, the highest standards of discipline and military bearing are expected. Personnel will be expected to behave accordingly, any breaches of the imposed discipline code will result in the immediate RTU of the offender followed by a full report to their unit.

Support.  Personnel from units are actively encouraged to support their players when competing in Corps rugby.  It would be appreciated if the undersigned is notified of any CO’s or RSM’s who wish to attend.

Summary.  Availability of the right players who parade in the right frame of mind is vital to this success and all units are strongly encouraged to work with the committee to ensure that this is achieved. 

If there are any questions regarding any detail contained within this calling notice, please direct them to the undersigned at the earliest opportunity.