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The Briggs Equipment UK Shield is the annual RLC UK inter-unit knockout competition for those units not in ARU Premiership 1. This is a 15-a-side tournament for men, open to all Regular and Reserve RLC units and is played throughout the 2017/18 season. It is expected that all units playing in ARU competition during the 17/18 season will also enter the Briggs Equipment UK Shield.


Entries are invited from all Regular and Reserve RLC units based in the UK; there are no entry fees. Entry forms, are to be returned, via email to the Secretary by Wed 13 Sep 17.


Format- The competition format will be devised by the Club Secretary, depending on the number of entries received. However, it is anticipated that the competition will involve two pools with straight knock-out games to be played on dates agreed between units thus culminating in a final. The final will be held at Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney on 25 Apr 18 as part of the annual RLC Festival of Rugby. All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the International Rugby Football Board as promulgated by the Rugby Football Union.

Squad- Teams are to consist of a squad of 23; 15 players and 8 replacements. Replacements may only be permitted during matches as authorised by the Referee in accordance with the Laws of the Rugby Football Union.

Player Eligibility- All players selected to represent a unit are to be on the posted strength of the unit on the day of each game. Players on leave are eligible to play. Personnel struck off strength of a losing unit and on leave pending a move to a new unit are only eligible to play for their gaining unit. A maximum of 4 attached personnel of other corps and regiments are permitted to play in the unit team, provided that all such players fill established posts in the authorised RLC unit establishment. Only affiliated players who have been authorised by the Secretary are permitted to participate. Matches will be forfeited by any offending unit.

Presentations- The Treasurer is requested to ensure the following awards are available:

Final match officials will receive an individual memento (x 6).

Briggs Equipment UK Shield winners (up to 22 players) will each receive an individual memento.

The “Man of the Match” during the final (as selected by Briggs Equipment representatives and the RLC RUFC committee) will receive the Vince Clare Memorial Tankard.

Coordinating Instructions- Further direction on the format of the competition and the draw will be promulgated once entries have been collated.