Match report RLC(W) 20 - 0 RA(W)
Wednesday 21 January 2015 - 10:50 at Abingdon
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Off the back of a disappointing turn out and poor performance of the RLC(W) rugby team against the AMS(W), the RLC(W) performance on the pitch in 2015 thus far has been rewarded with two impressive victories against both the RA(W) and the R Signals (W) (although it is noted that from the match against R Sigs that the RLC(W) still haven’t quite got it right in terms of turning out a full squad!)

With two months off since the AMS(W) match, the aim was to hold a longer more progressive training camp spanning the two days before match day.  With the Men’s 15 and the Vets playing on the same day, it was a great rugby opportunity and one which the ladies were proud to be part of. 

New / extended coach, WO2 Venn, delivered a programme of training which benefited both the new and more seasoned rugby players.  He observed the team's strengths and weaknesses and aligned the players to positions, exploiting strengths and where there were concerns over certain positions, delivering additional training.

The smaller but more agile front row of McCreadie (29), Parle (4) and Johnson (150); supported, by Dalglish (ATC(P)) and Forrest (4) in second row, and with the impressive combination of Binskin-Barnes(4), Gatlin (29) and Steer (29) in the back row, secured the victory.  They never lost their own ball and more often than not won against the head in both scrums and line outs.  The pack as a unit “hammered” away at the RA(W) defence, creating space for the backs to run and score. 

Clemes (4) and Joubert (ATC(P)) orchestrated the match beautifully.  Bani (132) and Joubert (ARC(P)) putting the final touch to some beautiful running from the backs, by running lines through, or circles around, the opposition.  Having been in close support to one of Cook’s gallops up the park, a quick pop out of contact 5 metres from the line to a hard running Gatlin (29) ensured she scored one for the forwards efforts.  McCreadie (29) made it even, scoring (forwards and backs), finishing off the match with a hard worked try; summing up the true team effort of the match. 

Shirt Rank Name Regt
1 LCpl McCreadie* 29
2 Cpl Parle 4
3 Cpl Johnson 150
4 Pte  Forrest 4
5 Capt Dalglish ATC(P)
6 Lt Binskin-Barnes 4
8 Pte Gatlin* 29
7 LCpl Steer  29
9 Pte Clemes 4
10 Sgt Joubert (Captain) ATC(P)
11 Cpl Whittingham* ATR(W)
12 Maj  Cook 4
13 Cpl Bani* 132
14 Cpl Norton 29
15 LCpl Taralah Chesed 29
16 LCpl Washer 27
Staff Name Regt
Maj Cook (Secretary) 4
WO2 Venn (Head Coach) 29
Sgt Collins (Team Manager)  DLS
Pte Forrest (Kit Manager) 4
* Try scorers