2015/16 Inter Corps Rugby Finals RLC 52 - 10 INT
Wednesday 20 April 2016 - 14:00 at Abingdon
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THE BOYS ARE BACK INTOWN... Wednesday 20 April saw the 2015/16 Inter Corps RugbyFinals. The day witnessed the RLC return to the level 1 league following aseason of only conceding 13 points in their 5 league games, while sat in theLevel 2 league.

The full day of rugby witnessed a prettyferocious battle between the RE & REME ladies and the AGC ladies. Despiteboth teams picking up injuries the game flowed well and the combined team ofthe RE/REME just edged the game 15/10.

The level 1 final was a hard fought contest withthe RA comprehensively beating the RE 30/9.

The curtain raiser for the day was the RLC v IntCorps for the right to promote into the level 1 league. The sun was shining,the pitch was perfect and both teams were ready to do battle. Brig Martin Moorewas introduced to both teams before the National Anthem and the commencement ofbattle.

From the start the RLC looked to press home theclear size advantage, Sela, Mitchell & Slater took the ball and drovestraight into the heart of the INT defence, making yards and putting the RLC onthe front foot. It looked ominous for the INT as wave after wave of RLC attackpounded their defence, the RLC backs looked dangerous and it was only a shortperiod of time before the first try came. Fullback Sainsbury cleared the ballfrom deep in his own half, leaving the ball to bounce is fatal in rugby, as theINT fullback found to his peril. The ball bounced up straight into the arms ofSainsbury, who had followed up his own kick, he pooped the ball to Montague whostrode over the line to touch down. Try was converted by fly half Mitchell.


It was actually the INT that then stepped uptheir game and for the next 15 minutes they tried hard to penetrate the RLCline, robust tackling from the back row of Frost, Peckham & Lamontprevented any INT score. Having absorbed pressure the RLC then opened up play,winger Putty broke out of defence with some clever stepping and then strodetowards the line, he was brought down short of the line but scrum half David,who had been tracking well, simply scooped up the ball to dive over and touchdown in the corner.

RLC 12 INT 0

David added to his first try with a simple dabdown following a great take in the line out from skipper Parkin and then acontrolled drive from the pack, marching the INT back at pace, they weredisrupted and David took advantage of the gaps to scoot throw some weak tacklesto increase the RLC lead. Try converted.

RLC 19 INT 0

The INT were on for a cricket score as the RLCwere rampant. Direct from the restart Peckham caught and ran throw some weaktackles, he offloaded to winger Tamatawale who ghosted around 4 tacklers andsimply opened his legs to increase the score by touching down under the posts.

RLC 26 INT 0

To match David, Tamatawale added his 2nd try ashe once again showed his 7's skills with a jinking run, leaving the INT defencein his wake, he may have ran through them twice with the he number of would betacklers left in his wake. After the 60m he touched down INT he corner.

RLC 31 INT 0

Centre Coombs got onto the score sheet, havingtracked the run of Sainsbury he was in the right place to receive the offloaded pass to touch down with the INT defence left once again distraught overthe weak efforts to stop the RLC juggernaut.

Half time RLC 36 INT 0

With the RLC supporters expecting more of thesame in the 2nd half, the game restarted - however it appeared that Botha heRLC and the referee were in liaison to make it more of a game. With severalrather over officious decisions the referee had the RLC back tracking 10m onseveral occasions. Following a very visual chat to skipper Parkin aboutdiscipline, it was not surprising that at the next whistle blow he was waving ayellow card. The only surprise was on the face of Thomas as he was requested totake a 10 minute rest for an alleged high tackle - as with all front rowplayers, Thomas protested his innocence both visually and vocally to anyonethat would listen. And just to make sure he wasn't lonely, Peckham upset thereferee with his hands in the ruck and was promptly shown the yellow card.Knowing he was guilty, Peckham ran to the sideline avoiding the now irritatedRLC management team. It was throughout this period of the RLC being down to 13men, that the INT took advantage and despite butchering several would be tries,eventually worked out that we 13 is less than 15 and with the advantage foundholes in the RLC line and scored 2 tries in quick succession.

RLC 36 INT 10

Just before returning to full strength the RLCslotted a penalty kick in front of the posts.

RLC 39 INT 10

Once back to full strength and wth the benchstaring to empty, the RLC once agin took the lead and began to press hard.Having only conceded 1 try all season the RLC were determined to finish on thefront foot. Tamatawale added to his 2 first half tries with another superb runfrom deep inside his own half with players either side of him in support, hesimply stepped the INT fullback and almost skipped across the line under theposts. Try converted.

RLC 45 INT 10

Fittingly the final score of the game came fromthe skipper Parkin, he broke a few tackles and strode across the line to touchdown with the INT player trying hard to knock him down. It was almost comicalas the big second row gently fell to the ground to touch down with his tacklerhanging off his waist. Try converted.

Final score RLC 52 INT 10

The RLC are once again in the level 1 league,the season has not finished though as next week see's the annual RLC Festivalof Rugby at South Cerney. All players are both welcome and are encouraged toattend, bring your boots and play for either the Presidents or Chairmans XV'sas they play in the curtain raiser and the stay to watch the winners of theBriggs Cup take on the current Army Champions in the main match of the day.Stay through and have a beer and catch up in the Sports Bar in the evening,accommodation is available just bring a doss bag and book in with Capt RichieCrane on Mil. 94384 8203 or Civ. 01285 868203. 

1.   Sgt Sela

2.   Cpl Thomas

3.   SSgt Slater

4.   LCpl Parkin

5.   WO1 Mitchell

6.   Capt Frost

7.   LCpl Lamont

8.   Pte Peckham

9.   Cpl David

10. Capt Mitchell

11. Sgt Tamatawale

12. LCpl Monatague

13. LCpl Coombs

14. LCpl Putty

15. Lt Sainsbury

16. Cpl Brown

17. SSgt James

18. Capt Hanna

19. Cpl Matavesi

20. LCpl Thorley

21. Pte Owen

22. Sgt Kormaiyasa

23. Cpl Lauvanus