BRIGGS CUP FINAL - Wednesday 13th April 2016 13 AA Regt 29 - 13 29 Regt
Wednesday 13 April 2016 - 16:39 at BRIGGS CUP FINAL
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BRIGGS CUP FINAL - Wednesday 13th April 2016

13 AA Regt v 29 Regt

The Briggs cup final took place in Abingdon on Wednesday 13th April2016, with the league fixtures and semi finals over the final teams took to thefield.

29 regiment had reached the final having defeated 27 & 9Regiments in the league and 3 Regiment in the semi- final, 13 regiment haddefeated both 6 & 7 Regiments In their league fixtures and the demolitionof  11 EOD on their way to the final.

With the final being in Abingdon the administration was left with 3Regiment to plan and execute the day. With the VIPs congregated together forthe annual Briggs reunion and curry lunch, the teams began their warmpreparations.

With the sun blazing the game kicked off, 13 were on the attack fromthe first whistle, clearly well prepared they hit the rucks and cleared outwell. 29 were pinned down inside their own half and struggled to get any gripon the early part of the game. 13 released their hard running forwards whodrove into the 29 defence, several loose tackles let 13 in and from severalcheap penalties 13 took a  deserved leadwith with a well struck penalty. With adrenaline pumping 13 ran hard from therestart, once again 29's one up tackling was poor and 13 were able to recyclegood ball and release their young talented back line. The result was a try asthe young 13 backs outstripped the would be tackling from a startled 29defence.

29 Regt 0 - 13 Regt 10

Being behind quickly did give 29 the kick they required, finallythey realised that this was a cup final and the Briggs shield was at stake.Having had to make an enforced blood replacement early 29 threw to the back ofthe line out and launched their first meaningful attack of the game. Hardstraight running was met by resilient staunch defence, but with hands in theruck 13 were penalised and 29 were on the score board as the penalty sailedbetween the sticks.

29 Regt 3 - 13 Regt 10

The game continued at pace with 13 looking to move the ball wide atevery opportunity and 29 wanting to keep it tight and drive their way forwardthrough their bigger pack. As the first half came to its end it was 13, withanother swift set of hands, went into the break with another score.

Half time 29 Regt 3 - 13 Regt 15

The second half started at pace with 29 determined to get themselvesinto the game, their efforts to push hard were rebuffed but a determined androck solid defence. Both line outs were functioning well and both teams lookedpossible of scoring when they were on attack. Eventually and through the directapproach it was 29 who scored first, their strong pack drove the ball hard andstraight, and with several close pops to supporting personnel the try wasscored as finally the 13 defence was breached, try was converted.

29 Regt 10 - 13 Regt 15

Had the tide turned and were 29 about to press home their largerpack advantage. For all it seemed that 29 had scored in the corner, butfollowing a conversation with his assistant the ref ruled out the score andawarded a scrum 5. Again 29 pressed but it was 13 whose defence remained strongand actually stole the ball and were able to break out of defence. They movedthe ball wide and the younger fitter legs of the 13 back line moved the ballwide and exploited the gaps in the 29 defence. Some superb linking and supportplay culminated in a try for 13, with the try converted 13 were in a clear leadwith the clock running down and 2 X well kicked penalties the game was all butover.  A further score from a well worked8/9 move led to a try in the corner that was superbly converted by the skillfulleft boot of the 13 fly half, and to confirm their superiority on the day 13ran in one last try before the final whistle. Clearly a move straight from thetraining ground, 13 won the line out, released their backs and with the wingercoming on an angled run cut through the 29 defence to score under the posts.Try was converted.

Final score: 29 Regiment 15 - 13 Regiment 42

A hard fought game that clearly demonstrated that youth and fitnessovercomes size and experience. Comd 104X presented the winning team with theBriggs Shield and praised both teams on the standard of rugby played andwitnessed by those on the side line.

This has been an excellent season for both teams and ultimately forRLC rugby, with teams playing at various levels in the ARU leagues and also thefact that there were 9 teams in the Briggs Shield competition this year.


Date for the diary: Annual Festival of Rugby takes place on Thursday28 April in South Cerney with all Regimentsencouraged to send along players to take part in rugby and the night timeentertainment.

Format for the day:

Vets v Saxons ( teams made up from all those wanting to play on theday)

Corps Select XV v 17 PM XV

End of Season awards in the Sports Bar with singer and supper.

Accommodation available (bring your own sleeping system and bookearly)

For more details contact Capt Richie Crane 94384 8203